Woven Pile

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Traditional Techniques for Superior Quality and Versatility

SEM SP is the leader in providing high quality, traditionally woven pile products for a wide variety of applications.  SEM SP uses proven manufacturing processes to create a high quality product with several versatile characteristics.

How It’s Made

The woven pile process has the vertical pile yarn woven together with the horizontal weft yarn. The hard or soft back coating is then applied to the woven pile. This ensures that no pile yarn can fall or be pulled out of the base. There is no gap from the base to the top of the pile yarn which results in an extremely tight seal with no interference in the application.

SEM Specialty Products vs other methods

SEM SP’s Traditional Woven Pile

  • Extremely tight seal between base and pile.
  • SEM SP can weave any type of material that can be made into a fiber – polypropylene, polyester, nylon, Teflon, wool, nomex, cotton, fiberglass, ceramic, carbon filled conductive, graphite, metal, just to name a few.
  • Blends with several different materials can also be created.
  • Any number of densities can be created, from very light to very heavy.
  • Color choices using the traditional woven process are also virtually unlimited.

Inferior Manufacturing Methods

  • Pile is wound and then adhered to the extruded backer. With this method, there is no guarantee that the pile will not fall out of the backer, which can lead to quality concerns.
  • Requires rigid vertical pile directors that may create interference in the application, especially with lower pile heights.
  • Polypropylene material is the only material that can be used.
  • Limited height range, and density cannot be altered.
  • Black, White and Grey are the only possible color options.

SEM SP Superior Woven Pile

While the inferior manufacturing method may initially appear more cost effective than traditional woven pile produced on looms, it is essential to consider the cost of poor quality, and the overall life of the product. If your business is focused on selling high quality, long lasting products, traditional woven pile products should be used to ensure customer satisfaction. After all, shouldn’t high quality and overall customer satisfaction always be the key driver in business? At SEM Specialty Products, we certainly think so!


  • Doors
  • Building products
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • RV
  • Windows
  • Many More!