BandSorb® Elastomer Absorbers

Are Your Electromagnetic Interference Issues on the Rise?

Today, electronic devices operate at hundreds of MHz with harmonic emissions in the GHz region. A highly integrated electronic system can create complex RF issues. Eliminating RF noise is essential. Simple shielding and ground techniques cannot do the job.

Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM) has developed the BandSorb® microwave absorbing materials with an electrical and magnetic property range that allows noise attenuation from 5 MHz to 40 GHz. Designers can easily integrate these materials into very tight spaces.

SEM can provide this material with different configurations for use in the frequency range of 1 GHz up to millimeter waves. With our own dedicated on-site manufacturing and R&D team, we work closely with our customers to provide custom solutions when needed.

RF Absorber Material Properties

The BandSorb absorbers are available as silicone rubber elastomer and a dielectric foam absorber.
The silicone rubber elastomers are available as:

SC:  Silicone rubber. Flexible, high-loss, magnetically loaded, electrically non-conductive silicone rubber.
UC: Non-silicone, polyurethane rubber. Flexible, high-loss, magnetically loaded, electrically non-conductive silicone rubber.
ST: resonant absorbers which reflect -20 dB or less.
SN: ultra-thin, highly permeable EMI/RF absorber
HP: ferrite sheets for NFC & Wireless Charging
FB Broadband flexible foam sheet absorber; lightweight high-loss carbon-impregnated dielectric foam 

Next to the silicone rubber material, a lightweight, high-loss carbon-impregnated dielectric foam absorber BandSorb FB. BandSorb FB provides a very low-cost solution over the thinner rubber absorbers.

BandSorb can be used for applications requiring absorption across a wide range of frequencies such as antenna cross-talk and cavity resonance suppression.

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