Consist of high magnetic loss electrically non-conductive silicone rubber. BandSorb is suitable for most commercial, telecommunication, military and medical applications.

Conductive Foam

Ideal for applications that require conformability, excellent EMI shielding, and superior conductivity at low compressive forces.

Fabric over Foam

Schlegel Electronic Materials has always been on the forefront of fabric over foam technology. Today fabric over foam continues to be at the core of our product line.


Schlegel Electronics Materials (SEM) line of silicone gaskets provides shielding capability in diverse markets and applications, including the military, aerospace, medical, fluid seal, environmental and microwave applications.

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BandSorb-SC used at 24.5 GHz

Cavity resonance suppression at 24.5 GHz


Modern electronic devices are working at increasing frequencies and require a high level of separation of signals for different parts of the device. Failing to provide the correct level of separation will lead to an underperforming system.