Edge Trim Products

SEM - Specialty Products weatherstripping seals & extrusions a member of eMEI group

SEM SP’s edge trim products are protective and decorative edge finishes for noise deadening, gap filling, and cushioning. Our expertise in the manufacture of flange-mounted parts – and its inclusion on the Edge Trim product – offers superior functionality over other types of sealing trims.

Benefits & Features Include:

  • Expertise in PVC Extrusion allows for product variations to fit specific markets
  • Embossed trim can match closely to various automotive interiors
  • Edge Trim profiles are manufactured using plastomeric material and a reinforcing substrate of continuous looped wire carrier
  • Gripping flanges are intentionally reinforced with wire carrier
  • Wire carrier substrate forms an integral bond through extruded material
  • Gripping section can be combined with a sealing section made from semi-rigid PVC or polyethylene
  • Eliminates air, water, dust, and noise leaks around openings
  • Edge trim can be used in a vast array of applications in various industries including:
    • Safety equipment including crash helmets
    • Seats and cabs of farm and garden tractors
    • Seats and enclosures on boats and marine equipment
    • Protective edging in automobiles

In addition, different profiles are available for various applications.
SEM Specialty Products will work with you to create a customized trim for virtually any application.