Custom EMI Solutions for Unique Challenges

Every industry and every project has its unique challenges.

Sometimes a standard product right off the shelf or with slight modifications will do. But when you have unique, advanced, or complex product requirements, you need a provider with extensive custom capabilities.

Schlegel Electronic Materials is trusted worldwide for high-performance shielding products, high thermal conductivity in TIM materials, and reliability.

We design and manufacture custom:

  • Extruded components in many shapes and sizes,
  • Die-cutting, and
  • Profiles, or lengths.

Our experienced team can support your design and increase your application’s long-term performance. We make it easy to get lower-cost, specialized, and complex custom molds for custom profiles built for the long haul.

Schlegel’s unique forming gasket process ensures long shielding protection for your enclosures.

PolyFab weatherstripping window

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PolyFab weatherstripping window

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PolyFab weatherstripping window

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