Glass Run Channels for Sliding Windows

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Tri-Pile is comprised of three rows of pile on a plastic coated textile backing. The backing is scored so that it can be shaped into a “U” and placed in a metal or plastic glass run channel.

Compared to conventional glass runs, Tri-Pile offers important new design and cost reduction possibilities for sliding windows. Because it is thinner than rubber extrusions, Tri-Pile will fit in a narrower channel, allowing weight reduction and cost saving in the channel design.

Windows can now be set semi-flush (within 3mm) of the outside of the vehicle for a sleeker look, aerodynamic efficiency, and reduced wind noise. For some existing vehicle designs only slight modification of metalwork is required for this flush glass look.

Benefits & Features of Our Glass Run Channels Include:

  • Efficient Sealing
  • Easier window operation – dramatically reduces “pull efforts” required to open and close sliding windows
  • Material savings
  • Weight reduction
  • Cost competitive

For more information, see our Tri-Pile Brochure: