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I/O Shielding Gasket

Schlegel Electronic materials (SEM) I/O gaskets provide effective shielding for everything from computers to consumer electronic devices to large arrays in telecommunications cabinets. The diversity and durability of SEM’s I/O gaskets come from the combined strength of the gaskets’ highly conductive fabric and soft, highly resilient urethane foam core. Under compression, the soft foam helps the gasket hug the connector perimeter and allows the fabric multiple contact points. The result: exceptional conductivity, the ability to provide shielding beyond 10 GHz and the capacity to compensate for tolerance stack-up, significant advantages over stamped metal, fingerstock, and elastomeric EMI shielding products.

SEM I/O gaskets are easy to install and robust when exposed to repeated compression and temperature cycling. SEM has numerous standard gasket profile designs, which help OEMs eliminate the high cost of stamped metal tooling and provide for easy ordering and fast delivery.