Copier and Printing Components

SEM - Specialty Products weatherstripping seals & extrusions a member of eMEI group

SEM Specialty Products is active in serving the printing industry with copier and printing components that provide innovative solutions for all types of design challenges. The experts at SEM SP have provided major manufacturers with time saving, money-saving improvements for all types of photomechanical equipment like printer brushes, copier brushes and static dissipator brushes. SEM SP quality components are currently found in:

  • Presses
  • Copiers
  • Printers
  • Dust Removal Systems
  • Collators & Sorters

Static Dissipator

SEM SP engineers design unique combinations of textiles, rubbers, foam and metal. We maintain complete control over advanced technologies of weaving, knitting, extruding and finishing systems for die cutting, hole punching and specialty adhesion to produce quality parts that fit any design configuration.

Light Sealing is among the most difficult of sealing functions. Specially woven pile fabrics are also commonly used around a light-tight door, in a cassette or at imaging stations. Paper Transport is involved in almost all stages of a printing process, and SEM SP can provide a motion control product for every stage. For example,Teflon® fiber plush pile is a high lubricity, abrasion-resistant pile fabric that allows web material to move freely while shielding it from machine’s internal mechanism. As a result, this fabric makes a highly protective covering for rollers and housings as well as dependable transport for safe, smooth movement of film materials.

Static Dissipation is handled by LECTRA-CON conductants. The very conductive, diversified pile assemblies are capable of dissipating up to 96% of a surface static charge. They are designed to maintain this level of performance for the life of the equipment with virtually no maintenance. Ultra-thin filament diameters produce a soft abrasion-free pile, suitable for use in presses, folding machines and paper and envelope sorters.

SEM SP can supply LECTRA-CON conductants in convenient brush assemblies. SEM SP has your answer right from the beginning – SEM SP design experts will work with you, examining specific design criteria to determine your product application and installation requirements. We will create prototypes for you to test and evaluate. And we will continue to work closely with you until a final product is developed that satisfies your needs. We hope you’ll take advantage of our experience and our ability to help you find the most effective answer to your printing equipment requirements.