Thermal Management

Electronics industry experts recognize that thermal interface materials (TIMs) are crucial in maintaining the reasonable life and reliability of heat-generating electronic components. As electronic components require increasing watt densities, SEMs line of high-performance TIMs can provide design engineers with solutions for their thermal management challenges.

The OpTIM® thermal interface materials by Schlegel, offer a wide range of thermal performance and physical properties and can resolve even the most challenging thermal problems. Our TIMs are used widely for demanding applications, including advanced microprocessors, high-speed memory modules, micro heat pipe assemblies, and LED lighting.

Our manufacturing facilities, located in Dongguan, China, are ISO 9001 certified and supported by our North American and European facilities to provide worldwide product coverage. Coupled with the capability of die-cutting products into any shape and size, Schlegel can provide the designer with cost-effective and easy-to-use thermal management solutions.

Our Commitment

Schlegel is committed to excellence in customer service and technical support. We work with our customers to ensure they have the right solution to solve their thermal challenges. We stand ready to meet your thermal needs.

OpTIM thermal interface materials include: