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Controlling Un(wanted) Energy: Thermal, Shielding, Absorbing

Presenter: Yoeri Ariën, Master, Engineer Electronics; Master, Industrial Engineer

A modern electrical system must pass many requirements like (SI, PI, EMI, etc.) This presentation shows how to handle the combined problems to get a working product.

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PRODUCT DEMO: Selection of Thermal Interface Material

Presenter: Raymond Hung, Sales Manager, Schlegel Electronics, Ltd

This webinar, introduce various types of thermal interface materials, the pros and cons of different types of TIMs, and the factors to consider when selecting the TIM.  Webinar attendees will have a better understanding and basic knowledge of TIM and its application.  

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Prepared by: Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc.

High-frequency signals can cause severe problems to electronic components. And highly integrated systems create complex RF issues.

This presentation is an introduction to the complete Schlegel family of absorbers and a resource to help engineers evaluate the design and develop solutions using Schlegel microwave absorbing materials.

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