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The best sealing technology, delivered when you need it.

Being the best means having the highest quality weatherstripping product available and, in your hands, on time, every time. Having sub-par components and missed deadlines is not an option.
Applications for PolyFab

Extensive Applications

Foam, PP, TPE, and Dual Extrusion Gaskets

PolyFab weatherstripping window

Custom Profiles

Innovative solutions, limitless applications. 

PolyFab Properties

Properties & Profile Selection

A Wide Range of Sealing Gaskets

PolyFab Profile Selection

TPE Gasket Profiles

Engineered for Quality

PolyFab Weatherstripping Car Window


Frequently Asked Questions

PolyFab®Passion For Quality”

Reliable Product Delivery and Service

Honed over almost 30 years, our manufacturing and logistics infrastructure and customer service team operate like well-oiled machines.

PolyFab is a reliable source for high-quality gasket material to meet the weatherstripping and sealing product needs for any size customer including:

  • Small renovation contractors
  • General contractors
  • Large package builders
  • Sponsor builders

High-Quality Sealing

PolyFab is a premier line of foam, PP, TPE and dual-extrusion gaskets. From custom windows and doors to office cubicles and other building and product projects, PolyFab sealing products provide consistent quality that is unsurpassed in the industry. All parts shipped from Schlegel EMI are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Your success is our priority.

Compression Seal Applications

  • Window Weatherstripping
  • Door Installation
  • Workplace Infrastructure
  • Construction Screen Installation


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