Textile Seals

SEM - Specialty Products weatherstripping seals & extrusions a member of eMEI group

Textiles are at the heart of the technology that gave SEM SP its start. Our expertise includes the ability to weave a wide range of fibers into specified densities and form them into part assemblies. Fiber “blends” can be tailored to seal film or photo sensitive surfaces without scratching or causing damage.

Benefits & Features Include:

  • Versatility – fibers or fiber blends, seal dimensions, and finishing are tailored to customer requirements.
  • Chemical Resistance – FSP’s fibers can be blended so they are highly resistant to commonly used acids, alkalis, and solvents.
  • Temperature and Humidity Resistance – Special fiber blends can be woven to meet performance requirements for extreme environmental conditions.
  • Low Frictional Characteristics – FSP textile seals can be tailored for use against a moving part.

SEM SP textiles are specified for a vast array of industries and application including window, door and enclosure seals in the marine, automotive, aerospace and RV industries.