Doubleshield Pad


Grounding pads, also known as surface mount gaskets or board pads, ensure electrical performance without breaking under mechanical or environmental stress throughout the lifetime of the product.  Schlegel’s Doubleshield Pad ensures reliable grounding performance in electronic applications. The Pads are delivered in tape-and-reel packaging for automated placement and soldering reflow using standard SMT equipment.

Features and Benefits

The flexible and easily compressible grounding pad can to take up tolerances and close the gap between a PCB and another component in addition to providing a reliable grounding contact.

  • SMT compatible
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Large conformable contact area
Doubleshield Pad on Printed Circuit Board


The Doubleshield Pad is used as a grounding contact on printed circuit boards commonly used in the electronics industry.

Product Description

The Doubleshield Pad has hollow profile with a core of soft silicone and a shell of electrically conductive silicone rubber filled with Ni/C particles.

Doubleshield Pad Laminated With Solderable Metal Strip

The product is laminated with a solderable metal strip in Nickel alloy 201.

Product Dimensions

The Doubleshield Pad is delivered in three different versions but different cross sections and length can be developed to fit any demand.

Product Properties

The recommended operating temperature is between -55°C and +125 °C. To assure a safe and repeatable compression Schlegel recommend the use of mechanical compression stops allowing a compression degree of 20 – 25%. Minimum 10% and maximum 50% compression is recommended.

The Schlegel Doubleshield Pad fulfil the requirements set by the Directive 2011/65/EU and its amendments (RoHS).

Compression Force

The compression force versus compression degree is shown in the graph below.

Electrical Resistance

The electrical resistance versus compression degree is shown in the graph below.


The Doubleshield Pad is packaged and delivered in tape-and-reel.

Storage Conditions

The grounding pad is delivered in sealed plastic bags and the products are as such considered as MSL-1 with an unlimited storage time. This assumes that the storage is indoors to protect the product from rain and direct sunshine and at a temperature between 5 and 30°C and a relative humidity of 20-80%.


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