DynaGreen® / DynaShear Gaskets for Cards & Cages

DynaGreen® / DynaShear Gaskets

Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc. introduces DynaGreen® / DynaShear: an innovative EMI shielding gasket family for the shielding of modules in card/cages environment that is able to offer superior features over metal fingerstocks and current Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets. DynaGreen® / DynaShear utilizes the, now famous and efficient, bump technology. DynaGreen® is a halogen-free version of DynaShear which is in compliance with IEC 61249-2-21 (<=900 ppm Bromine and 1500 ppm max for both).

DynaGreen® / DynaShear Currently Features:
-Excellent compression load/deflection ratio due to low memory ultra-soft foam formulation.
-High level of shielding effectiveness even when submitted to large compression variations.
-Highly flexible abrasion resistant conductive fabrics.

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n: specifies the fabric type (3: NiCu-C70, 4:NiCu-C12)   xxxx:specifies length in the form xx.xx”
Standard parts supplied with wide release liner, PSA:2 strips of adhesive is standard
Standard Height for uptaped and uncompressed parts.

All DynaGreen® gaskets have the identical physical and electronic characteristics as DynaShear. DynaGreen® has suffix “HF”.  HF : specifies Halogen Free.
eg. : DynaShear: EY37n2Zxxxx
DynaGreen®: EY37n2ZxxxxHF