Flex Channel

SEM - Specialty Products weatherstripping seals & extrusions a member of eMEI group

SEM Specialty Products Flex Channel provides a resilient, compressible barrier between stationary and moving parts for maximum resistance to dust, air, and water infiltration. At SEM SP, we work with manufacturers to provide high quality products in bulk for their specific applications. Our team of experts will work with you to provide the product that is an ideal fit for your requirements.

Benefits & Features Include:

  • Offers easier operation when in place
  • Available in several widths to accept different types of sliding panels and frames
  • Can be constructed to meet specific design and performance criteria
  • Schlegel window channel seals are used in the following industries:
    • Marine
    • Automotive
    • RV
    • Aerospace industries

SEM SP wire carriers covered with woven pile fabric create u-shaped channels that retain and seal sliding panels on linear surfaces. They are flexible in order to accommodate a tight radius and for maximum ease of operation.

For more information on our Flex Channel Trim Products, contact us today! With over 100 years as the industry’s most trusted leader, our experts are here to help with you application!