Environmental / EMI Shielding


First Two-in-One Product of its Kind: E/E hybrid Gasket provides environmental seal and EMI shielding.

Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc. (SEM) E/E Hybrid Gasket is designed to meet both the environmental and EMI shielding needs of outdoor electronic and telecom cabinet manufacturers. The gasket features single-flange construction using a wire carrier and EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber core to provide durable environmental protection. Using a patented half-wrap manufacturing process, highly conductive nickel/copper cladding provides EMI shielding reliability. This combination of materials decreases the number of gaskets needed per cabinet.

The E/E Hybrid gasket features several advantages over the alternative shielding methods. The new gasket is designed to slide easily over metal flanges to help reduce installation costs, and is a good choice for retrofit applications. SEM’s plating and coating technologies means there is no metal flaking with possible health concerns. Made of all recyclable materials, the SEM E/E Hybrid Gasket also avoids the out-gassing that can occur with silicone-based products.


Cladding: Nickel/Copper

Surface Resistivity (ASTM F390 modified): less than or equal to 0.09 ohms/square and CpK greater than or equal to 2.0

Shielding Effectiveness: Shielding performance per MIL-G 83528B in frequencies of 20 MHz to 10 GHz: 95 dB (average).

NOTE: Gasket geometry and application determine actual shielding effectiveness.

Contact Resistance (SEM LP-3001):

Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D3886): No change in surface resistivity: 1,000,000 cycles