BandSorb® SC/UC Series

Schlegel’s new range of elastomer Cavity resonance (BandSorb® SC/UC) Absorbers materials consists of a thin, flexible, high-loss, magnetically loaded, electrically non-conductive silicone rubber (SC) /silicone free rubber (UC). Schlegel can provide this material with different configurations for use in the frequency range of 1 GHz up to millimeter waves.

With our own dedicated manufacturing site and R & D team we can work closely with our customers to provide custom solutions where needed.


BandSorb® SC/UC series provides a flexible solution that supports a wide range of EMI and RF suppression requirements. Suppressing resonance and harmonics from circuitry, absorbing RF emissions from wiring, and reducing interference from internal peripheral devices are just a few examples of using BandSorb® SC/UC inside electronics housings such as
computers, server racks and switches.

Designers can also use BandSorb® SC/UC series to reduce RF coupling between microwave components inside electronic housings. Typical
applications include power amplifiers, oscillators and down/up converters.

When bonded to a metal surface, the BandSorb® SC/UC series will significantly reduce the reflectivity of metal objects or structures by absorbing microwave currents.

In the telecommunications market the material can be applied to antenna elements, microwave dishes, the inner or outer surfaces of waveguides for
isolation, attenuation, or radiating patterns modifications. When applied to the side or even rear surfaces of certain objects, this material will cause a significant reduction in “head-on”reflectivity or backscattering.

BandSorb® SC/UC series can also be used for circuitto-circuit EMI interference and reduction of unwanted emissions from the imaging CCD’s and LCD displays.

In the automotive market, the BandSorb® SC/UC series can be used to suppress interference from onboard electronics, such as telematics and GPS circuitry.


Physical Properties

Electromagnetic Properties

Application Examples