BandSorb FB Series

BandSorb FB is a lightweight high loss carbon-impregnated dielectric foam absorber.
BandSorb FB provides a very low-cost solution for many applications over the thinner more expensive rubber absorbers.
BandSorb FB can be used for applications requiring absorption across a wide range of frequencies, such as antenna cross-talk, side lobe reduction, and cavity resonance suppression.

BandSorb FB series materials can be supplied in sheets as well as custom configurations. The standard sheet size is 610 mm x 610 mm. The BandSorb FB consists out of carbon loaded polyurethane foam. BandSorb FB is electrically conductive due to the use of the carbon dispersion.

Features and Benefits:
Lightweight, flexible and easy to trim, High Loss, low density.
Available in different thicknesses to work in a wide range of broadband frequencies.

BandSorb FB series can be used to

  • lower cavity Q’s in RF amplifiers, oscillators, cabinets containing microwave devices, computer housings, LNB’s.
  • isolation of antennas by Insertion loss, shrouding antennas to improve the antenna patterns and undesired back lobes
  • reduce surface currents on radiating elements and outer ground-plane type surfaces.
  • Reflectivity of an object (metal or otherwise) can be reduced somewhat by applying one or more layers.

Physical Properties:

Frequency RangeInsertion LossGHz>1
Size-mm (inch)610 x 610 (24x24)
Typical Thicknessmm (inch)3.2 (1/8), 6.4 (1/4), 9.5 (3/8), 12.7 (1/2),
19.1 (3/4)
Maximum service Temperature-°C (°F)100 (212)
Compliance2011/65/EU(RoHS 2.0) Compliance,
REACH SVHC Compliance, Halogen free
Attenuation (dB/cm)Relative Impedance (|Z|/Z0)
BandSorb®3 GHz10 GHz3 GHz10 GHz

-the technical specification data is based on SEM tests and analysis that we believe to be reliable. However, in no event, shall SEM be liable for inaccuracies or omissions contained therein. In all cases, details and values should be verified by the customer

Instructions for use:
BandSorb FB can be securely bonded to itself or to other materials such as metal, wood, and common plastic composites. To obtain a strong bond the surface should be thoroughly cleaned with a degreasing solvent. It can be readily cut with a band saw, scissors, or a sharp knife.
Product Number Example

FP –30 -3.2 -A
Product NameTypeThicknesswith Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: A, blank: no tape