Achieving effective grounding and shielding results across a broad frequency range is a constant challenge for design engineers. When it comes to broadband applications, engineers need reliable solutions that can address the diverse needs of low and high-frequency environments. Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM) offers ORS II gaskets designed for broadband applications and are equipped with features like nickel-copper plated conductive foam and nickel-copper flexible fabric cladding (Fig. 2).

Here, we explore the features, benefits, and applications of these advanced gaskets, ensuring minimal surface resistance for superior grounding and shielding performance at low and high frequencies. Additionally, we will delve into the significance of Z-conductivity in closing cavities and ensuring optimal shielding performance at high frequencies.

Features of ORS II Gaskets:

  1. 1. Nickel-Copper Plated Conductive Foam 
  2. Nickel-Copper Flexible Fabric Cladding
  3. Z-Conductivity

Benefits of ORS II Gaskets:

  1. Superior Grounding and Shielding
  2. Broadband Compatibility
  3. Design Flexibility and Easy Installation

Applications for ORS II Broadband Gaskets:

  1. Telecommunications and Networking
  2. Aerospace and Defense Systems
  3. Medical and Industrial Electronics

ORS II gaskets, equipped with nickel-copper plated conductive foam, nickel-copper flexible fabric cladding, and Z-conductivity, provide engineers with a powerful tool to achieve superior grounding and shielding results across a broad frequency range. 

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