Manufacturing Technology Insights recently named Schlegel a Top 10 manufacturer for its role in redefining EMI shielding for diverse applications.

We’re honored to support the success of our customers! Giving customers the quality, service, and support they need to achieve their project goals is the only way we know how to do business,” said Haydee Dibble, Vice President, Schlegel.

Nearly every industry—from automobiles to medical devices—has been continually incorporating more advanced electronics and wireless communication to optimize their business operations in multiple ways. However, by doing so, they are dealing with higher frequencies and inevitably a higher electromagnetic interference (EMI). 

The unwanted voltages or currents that cause EMI negatively affect the performance of an electronic system or an electrical device. Minimizing or eliminating EMI is crucial to ensuring electronic devices function at peak performance.

Read why Manufacturing Technology Insights singled Schlegel out as a company taking EMI shielding to the next level. 

The All-Round EMI and Thermal Solutions

Schlegel’s product portfolio includes a range of EMI shielding products that enable the computer, telecommunications, military, medical, and electronics industries to meet global requirements for electromagnetic compatibility.

A global footprint offering unparalleled support and service.

Schlegel Electronic Materials, North America, is registered as an ITAR company compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. It is also RoHS compliant and meets WEEE & REACH  quality standards.

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