OP-3500 Spec 4

OP-3500 Spec04 offers excellent thermal performance and superior conformability. It is a two-component liquid gap filling material, cured at either room or elevated temperature to speed up the curing process. The pre-curing material possesses good thixotropic characteristics as well as low viscosity which is an ideal solution for dispensing. After cured, the mixture became a low modulus elastomer to relieve stresses during thermal cycling.

OP-3500 Spec04 will lightly adhere to surfaces, thus improving surface area contact. The proprietary formulation of OP-3500 Spec04 is RoHS compliant and halogen-free, providing extra reassurance in applications where hazardous substances are forbidden.

Product Spec Sheet


Features and Benefits

  • Superior thermal performance
  • 4.0 W/m-K thermal conductivity
  • Easy to dispense
  • Easy storage
  • Ultra-conforming for fragile and low stress applications
  • Ambient or accelerated cure schedules in elevated temperature

Typical Applications

  • Automotive electronics
  • PCBA to housing
  • Discrete components to housing
  • Fiber optic telecommunications equipment

Appliances Supplied

  • Dispensing Gun
  • Static mixer

Direction for Use

  • Install the twin barrel onto the
    gun, attach static mixer in front
  • Squeeze the handle to press
    puncher for materials to come

Additional information

Construction & Composition

Soft silicone elastomer


Part A: White / Part B: Blue

Viscosity ( Spindle#7 @ 12 RPM)

Part A:395000 cP / Part B:415000 cP


3.15 g/cm3

Mix Ratio


Shelf Life @ 25°C

6 months

Cured Color


Cured Hardness

65 Shore 00

Continuous Use Temp

-60 to 200 °C

Thermal Conductivity

4.0 W/m-K

Dielectric Strength

200 V/mil

Dielectric Constant @ 1MHz


Volume Resistivity

10(13) ohm.cm

Flame Rating

U.L.94 V-O

Pot Life @ 25°C

30 min

Cure @ 25°C

3 hours

Cure @ 100°C

10 min

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