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PolyFab Properties

Highly Engineered Embossed Polyethylene Liner

  • Resists pains and varnishes
  • Long lasting
  • Maintains and attractive appearance

UV Stabilized

  • Stable in sunlight (UV Stable)
  • Tested up to 5,000 kj/m2 with no visible degradation

Resilient Urethane Open-celled Foam

  • Resists compression set
  • Excellent temperature sealing performance
  • Seal conforms to uneven surface

Dual Durometer Insert

  • Allows for easy insertion and maximum retention
  • It is removable without damaging jamb or seal

Part Number Guide

Color Chart

Tensile Strength (psi)3450
Compression Set<15% (compressed @ 50% during 22 hours @ 70°C)
Heat Conductivity W/mK0.06 at 0°C
Operating Temperature-60 to 70°C