Transparent Conductive Coating On Polyester Film

General Description
This is a highly conductive coating deposited on a transparent polyester film. It is available in rolls 30” wide by 15’ long, the usable width is 28” or it can be supplied cut to size via a specific drawing. The Conductive coating is overcoated with a ceramic type film which serves to increase visible light transmission and to provide a protective barrier that exhibits electrical conductivity through the layer.

Application Information
This product is designed for electrical and planewave shielding, grounding and static discharge applications. The film is used as a transparent, shielding panel for visual displays in instrumentation equipment, control panels, computer processing, printers and large electrode displays as a grounding shield.

Mounting Options
Affixed to a conductive mating surface with clamps or Bonded with a conductive adhesive or a double sided Conductive tape
Mounted between a substrate and conductive mounting Surface with or without the aid of edge bonding to the substrate

Material Description

  • Substrate: polyester film .005 in (0.13mm) thick, clear and colourless
  • Conductive Coating: Vacuum deposited thin metal film with protective ceramic coating
  • Standard Bulk Material Part Number 90-00119

Performance Characteristics

  • Substrate and Coating Surface Resistivity: 14 ohms/sq(nominal) (+/- 4 ohms/sq)
  • Visible Light Transmission: 70 to 80%
  • Temperature Range: -60°C to 150° C