Schlegel EMI, renowned for its high-quality EMI shielding gaskets, is pleased to announce the expansion of its elastomer line with the Doubleshield Grounding Pad product.

Schlegel provides a full family of products to meet a wide range of shielding needs. The Doubleshield Grounding Pad is backed by Schlegel EMI’s reputation for high quality and performance.  

Schlegel’s Doubleshield Pad ensures electrical performance without breaking under mechanical or environmental stress throughout the lifetime of the product. The Doubleshield Pad

  • connects printed circuit boards (PCBs) and equalizes the potential voltage difference between them and to connect PCBs to a grounding point on the metal cover,
  • are delivered in tape-and-reel packaging for automated placement and soldering reflow using standard SMT equipment,
  • is flexible and easily compressible pad can take up tolerances and close the gap between a PCB and another component in addition to providing a reliable grounding contact,
  • has a hollow profile with a core of soft silicone and a shell of electrically conductive silicone rubber filled with Ni/C particles, and
  • is laminated with a solderable metal strip in Nickel alloy 201.

Schlegel’s portfolio of silicone gaskets meets customer needs in a variety of markets. Engineers can fulfill all their shielding needs from one manufacturer instead of using multiple distributors or resellers.

For a detailed product description or to order directly, visit or contact our sales team at or (585) 643-2000 for additional questions or support. 

About Schlegel EMI

Schlegel EMI has been a trusted industry partner since it invented highly conductive fabric over foam shielding gaskets in 1987. That was a breakthrough for the electromagnetic interference shielding of electronic enclosures and helped position the company as the pre-eminent manufacturer of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products.

SEM offers a full range of EMI shielding products, including FOF gaskets, Absorbers, Elastomers, Thermal Interface Materials, I/O backplane shielding gaskets, BeCu Fingerstock, Conductive foams, conductive tapes, and laminates. These enable the computer, telecommunications, military, medical, and electronics industries to meet global requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Plus, their new line of Weatherstripping PolyFab products.

From concept to production, SEM’s complete portfolio of shielding products combines highly conductive materials with flexible foams and coatings to provide the latest EMI containment solutions.

The company’s world-renowned EMI shielding gaskets are available in hundreds of profiles and unique designs, with attachment options that include mechanical self-attaching, clip, rivet, and a variety of pressure-sensitive adhesives.

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