OP-8500 Spec 05 SE

OP-8500 Spec 05 SE offers good thermal performance and exceptional conformability. This material conforms to surface irregularities under low application pressures. It is electrically nonconductive and naturally tacky. Additional adhesive is generally not required.

The proprietary formulation of OP-8500 Spec 05 SE is RoHS compliant and halogen-free, providing extra reassurance in applications where hazardous substances are forbidden.

Product Spec Sheet


Features and Benefits
• 5.0W/m-K thermal conductivity
• Good compressibility
• Naturally tacky
• Electrically isolating
• RoHS compliant

Typical Applications
• Cooling component to the chassis,
frame, or other type of heat spreader
• Mass storage devise
• Heat pipe assemblies
• RDRAM memory modules
• Motor control
• Telecommunication hardware

Optional Configurations
• Can be die-cut into specific dimensions

Additional information



Thickness Range [inch/(mm)]

0.02"(0.50)~0.40" (10.1)

Thermal Conductivity [W/mK]


Hardness [Shore 00]


Operation Temperature [°C]


Halogen-Free [under 700ppm]


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