OP-3700 offers hybrid absorber/thermal management material that is used for EMI mitigation. It is a two-component liquid gap filling material, cured at either room or elevated temperature to speed up the curing process. Filler particle composition imparts both excellent thermal conductivity and good EMI suppression in the microwave frequency.

OP-3700 will lightly adhere to surfaces, thus improving surface area contact. The proprietary formulation of OP-3700 is RoHS compliant and halogen-free, providing extra assurance in applications where hazardous substances are forbidden.

Product Spec Sheet


Features and Benefits:

• Superior thermal performance
• 2.0 W/m-K thermal conductivity
• Good EMI suppression
• Easy to dispense
• Easy storage
• Ultra-conforming for fragile and
low stress applications
• Ambient or accelerated cure schedules in elevated temperature

Typical Applications

• Automotive electronics
• PCBA to housing
• Discrete components to housing
• Fiber optic telecommunications

Appliances supplied:

• Dispensing Gun
• Static mixer

Direction for Use:

• Install the twin barrel onto the
gun, attach static mixer in front
• Squeeze the handle to press
puncher for materials to come

Additional information

Construction & Composition

Soft silicone elastomer


Grey (Part A)
Grey (Part B)

Thickness Range [inch/(mm)]


EMI Attenuation@10 GHz [dB/cm]


Thermal Conductivity

3.0 W/m-K

Operating Temperature

-40° – 175°C

Viscosity ( Spindle#6 @ 12 RPM)

Part A: 78000cP / Part B: 87000cP


3.0 g/cm(3)

Mix Ratio


Shelf Life @ 25°C

6 months

Cured Color


Cured Hardness

55 Shore 00

Continuous Use Temp

-60 to 200 °C

Dielectric Strength

250 V/mil

Dielectric Constant @ 1MHz


Volume Resistivity

10(13) ohm.cm

Flame Rating

U.L.94 V-O

Pot Life @ 25°C

60 min

Cure @ 25°C

10 hours

Cure @ 100°C

10 min

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