The OI-3000 thermally conductive ceramic insulator is mainly made of Al2O3, formed under calcinations in higher than 1000oC with molten rare material oxide. Al2O3 ceramics with high
alumina content are so-called special ceramics. It usually possesses a compact structure which gives special performance
to the material.

The oxygen ions in Al2O3 ceramic material construct in a H.C.P structure, whilst aluminium ions possess 2/3 of total space within the octahedral structure. This is same as the ⍺-Al2O3 structure, so it has a high melting point, very hard, and has excellent wear resistance. It is designed to be RoHS compliant and halogen-free, providing extra reassurance in applications where hazardous substances are forbidden.

Product Spec Sheet


Features and Benefits

  • Very hard
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Light weight
  • Wide applications
  • Insulator with high break-down voltage
  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent thermal stability

Typical Application

  • Thermal insulation of high power equipment High voltage
  • MOS IC pipe
  • IGBT chip
  • High frequency power supply
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Strong current, high voltage, high temperature (<1600oC) applications

Standard Configurations

  • TO -247、0.635mm*17mm*22mm
  • TO-220、1mm*13mm*19mm
  • TO-3 P、1mm*20mm*25mm
  • TO-264、1mm*22mm*28m

Additional information


OI-3001: Alumina (≥99%)
OI-3002: Alumina (≥95%)
OI-3003: Zirconia (≥90%)

Firing temperature/ °C

OI-3001: 1780-1800
OI-3002: 1650-1680
OI-3003: 1550-1600

Density/ gcm(-1)

OI-3001: ≥3.8
OI-3002: ≥3.6
OI-3003: >6

Breakdown voltage/ kv/mm

OI-3001: 15
OI-3002: 15
OI-3003: 15

Water absorption /%

OI-3001: <0.01
OI-3002: <0.01
OI-3003: <0.01

Compression resistance /Mpa

OI-3001: 3700
OI-3002: 2400
OI-3003: 5000

Hardness/ HRA

OI-3001: ≥88
OI-3002: ≥82
OI-3003: ≥85

Volume resistivity/ cm

OI-3001: >1012
OI-3002: >1012
OI-3003: >1012

Flexural strength/ Mpa

OI-3001: 400
OI-3002: 320
OI-3003: 700

Coefficient of thermal expansion/ x 10°

OI-3001: 6.8-8.0
OI-3002: 6.2-8.5
OI-3003: 6.9-10

Dielectric constant/ MHZ

OI-3001: 9.8
OI-3002: 8.5

Roughness/ Ra

OI-3001: ≤0.8
OI-3002: ≤0.8

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