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OI-2000 Spec 01

The OI-2000 Spec01 offers high thermal performance and high dielectric strength. It is suitable for applications where electrical isolating property is needed.

OI-2000 Spec01 has high tensile strength and can prevent surface penetration by sharp intrusion hence, ensuring its electrical isolating properties. OI-2000 Spec01 is ROHS compliant and halogen free.

Features and Benefit

  • 3.0W/m-K thermal conductivity
  • Electrically isolating
  • Tough and high tensile strength
  • High breakdown voltage
Product Spec Sheet

Additional information



Thickness Range [inch/(mm)]

0.01" (0.25)~0.03" (0.76)

Thermal Conductivity [W/mK]


Hardness [Shore 00]


Operation Temperature [°C]


Halogen-Free [under 700ppm]


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