OC-9200 is a thermally conductive phase change material coated on aluminum foil having a soften temperature of 50-55℃. The liquid phase of the material can fill interface irregularities
with much higher efficiency than traditional gap filler. It is easier to handle since it is a free standing film.

OC-9200 is RoHS compliant and conforms to halogen-free standard. It is available with or without adhesive.

Features and Benefits

  • Thermally conductive phase change material
  • RoHS compliant
  • Halogen-free
Product Spec Sheet

Additional information



Thickness Range [inch/(mm)]

0.008“ (0.2)

Thermal Conductivity [W/mK]

Phase Change Temperature [°C]

50°C – 55°C

Operation Temperature [°C]


Halogen-Free [under 700ppm]


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