Conductive SnCu-C50 Fabric Tape

Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc. (SEM) offers the Conductive SnCu Fabric Tape which is made of Tin copper plain weave woven fabric with high conductivity PSA. This provides the good galvanic compatibility for most common materials and higher corrosion resistance which target for outdoor application. The average shielding effectiveness of conductive SnCu fabric tape is over 95.3 dB in the frequency ranges from 20 MHz to 10 GHz and the surface resistivity is less than 0.02 ohm/sq.


Fabric: Tin Copper plated nylon plain weave fabric.

Adhesive: High-tack, conductive adhesive system.

Surface Resistivity: <=0.02Ω/sq.

Resistivity through adhesive: <=40 milliohms/square inch.

Low Temperature Application: -40℉ (-40℃)

Abrasion Resistance: No change in surface resistivity and no fabric degradation after more than 1,000 wear cycles Test method: ASMT D3884.

Shrinkage: <4% @ 180℃(356ºF) temperature.

Peel Strength: 50 oz. Per inch minimum initial. Test Method: ASTM D3330.

Shielding Effectiveness: 95.3dB Test method: Mil DTL 83528C.

Tape WidthTape LengthPart Number
0.315" (8.0 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5926-0031-0
0.500" (12.7 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5926-0050-6
0.788" (20.0 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5926-0079-2
1.000" (25.4 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5926-0100-3
1.118" (30.0 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5926-0118-8
1.157" (40.0 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5926-0157-2
2.000" (50.8 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5926-0200-5