Conductive Silver Tape (CST)

Higher conductivity without the sharp edges

Conductive Silver Fabric Tape (CST) offers superb conductivity and ease of installation for a wide range of applications. The smooth, soft-edged tape will not crack after repeated flexing, or cause injuries. Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc. (SEM) CST achieves total coverage, even on irregular surfaces and experiences no significant shrinkage at temperatures up to 180ºC (356ºF). A unique, conductive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) allows the tapes to be designed into higher temperature applications. The PSA is fire rate to UL 510, and excessive pressure is not required for application to the end unit.

CST tape has an average shielding effectiveness of 70 dB in the range of 20 MHz to 10 GHz. CST’s protective C2 coating lowers the cathodic potential of the silver to make it galvanically compatible with a variety of EMI gaskets and cabinet surfaces.

A superior alternative to sharp, non-conforming foil tapes, SEM’s lightweight Conductive Silver Tape is ideal for grounding and for sealing small apertures in frames. It achieves total coverage, and experiences no significant shrinkage at temperatures up to 180ºC (356ºF).

For assemblers, the CST’s soft fabric is safe and easy to work with, and it stays firmly in place with SEM’s strong, high-tack conductive adhesive.

The conductive fabric base also allows the tape to be custom-cut in virtually any unique shape with simple, inexpensive tooling.

Fabric: Silver woven nylon ripstop fabric with C2 anti-corrosion coating.

Adhesive: High-tack, conductive adhesive system.

Surface Resistivity: less than 0.5 O Test Method: ASTM F390 modified.

Resistivity through adhesive: <=120 milliohms/square inch.

Low Temperature Application: -40℉ (-40℃)

Abrasion Resistance: No change is surface resistivity and no fabric degradation after more than 800 wear cycles. Test method: ASTM D3884.

Peel Strength (Test Method ASTM D3330):
45.80 oz per inch (1.62g per mm) @ 1 hour dwell initial.
47.47 oz per inch (1.67g per mm) @24 hour dwell initial.

Shielding Effectiveness: 95dB. Test method: Mil DTL 83528C.

Tape WidthTape LengthPart Number
0.315” (8mm)18 yard (16.45m) roll5941-0031-0
0.500” (12.7mm)18 yard (16.45m) roll5941-0050-6
0.788” (20mm)18 yard (16.45m) roll5941-0079-8
1.000” (25.4mm)18 yard (16.45m) roll5941-0100-3
1.181” (30mm)18 yard (16.45m) roll5941-0118-2
2.000” (50.8mm)18 yard (16.45m) roll5941-0200-5