Conductive Mask & Peel Tape (CMP)

Shield enclosures safely and efficiently

Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc. (SEM) Conductive Mask Peel (CMP) tape simplifies the manufacture of painted enclosures. CMP is constructed of impenetrable, heat-release mask, highly conductive copper nickel fabric and strong high-tack, conductive adhesive, which secures the tape to the metal for superior EMI shielding. The tape employs Press, Paint, and Peel application and provides total coverage. The CMP tape’s volume resistance is in the range of 0.8 ? cm [average]. When CMP is used with SEM’s EMI shielding gaskets, a highly conductive pathway is obtained, and provides excellent galvanic capability between mating surfaces. Typical applications include large cabinets, factory automation equipment and data storage units.

Press, paint and Peel application is simple, safe, and secure. The operator removes the release liner from the back of the fabric tape and applies it to the prepared bare metal surface. No sharp edges exist that could lead to injuries. The 1-mil polyamide mask prevents infiltration of paint during the spraying or powder-coat process. Enclosures with CMP can be baked at temperatures up to 180ºC (356ºF) for up to 30 minutes. The low-tack mask releases during baking to reveal the highly conductive fabric surface and can be easily removed.


Fabric: Woven copper nickel fabric

Adhesive: High-tack, aggressive conductive adhesive system.

Surface Resistivity: <=0.024Ω/sq.

Resistivity through adhesive: <=10 milliohms/square inch.

Low Temperature Application: -40℉ (-40℃)

Abrasion Resistance: No change in surface resistivity after more than 1,000 wear cycles.  Test method: ASTM D3884.

Shrinkage: <1% @ 180℃(356ºF) for 30 minutes.  Test Method: LP-3012.

Peel Strength: 50 oz. Per inch minimum initial.  Test Method: ASTM D3330.

Shielding Effectiveness: 97.4dB. Test method: Mil DTL 83528.

Tape WidthTape LengthPart Number
0.315” (8.0 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5935-0031-4
0.500” (12.7 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5935-0050-0
0.788“ (20.0 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5935-0079-4
1.000” (25.4 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5935-0100-7
1.181” (30.0 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5935-0118-8
1.575” (40.0 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5935-0157-6
2.000” (50.8 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5935-0200-9
2.500” (63.5 mm)36 yard (33m) rolls5935-0250-4