Polyfab Products

Schlegel’s PolyFab® is a premier line of foam, PP, TPE, and dual-extrusion gaskets.

From custom windows and doors, office cubicles, and other building/product projects, PolyFab sealing products provide consistent quality unsurpassed in the industry.

The PolyFab gaskets are highly engineered using the same trusted technology as Schlegel’s core EMI parts, and are RoSH and REACH compliant.

PolyFab® Properties

Our commitment is to ensure, any customer, large or small, has a reliable source of high-quality gasket material to meet their weatherstripping and sealing product needs.

Highly Engineered Embossed Polyethylene Liner

  • Resists paints and varnishes
  • Long lasting
  • Maintains an attractive appearance

UV Stabilized

  • Stable in sunlight (UV Stable)
  • Tested up to 5,000 kj/m2 with no visible degradation

Resilient Urethane Open-celled Foam

  • Resists compression set
  • Excellent temperature sealing performance
  • Seal conforms to uneven surface

Dual Durometer Insert

  • Allows for easy insertion and maximum retention
  • It is removable without damaging jamb or seal

PolyFab® Applications

The applications for PolyFab compression seal products are limitless. Manufacturers of commercial and residential doors, windows, cubicles and other building projects look to Polyfab’s superior quality and versatility for their weatherstripping and sealing product needs.