The SEM PolyFab team has a “Passion for Quality.”

Schlegel Electronic Materials, Inc. (SEM) brings almost 30 years of expertise in high-quality sealing gaskets to the construction industry with the PolyFab line. The PolyFab gaskets are highly engineered using the same trusted technology as Schlegel’s core EMI parts.

From windows and doors to workspace infrastructure and other building and product projects, the PolyFab products provide a consistent quality unsurpassed in the industry. As great as that is, we don’t stop there. We search for, design, and supply innovative products and services to ensure we adapt to market needs. Our team aims to fill a long-standing market need in compression sealing.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to ensure, any customer, large or small, has a reliable source of high-quality gasket material to meet their weatherstripping and sealing product needs.

SEM uses its expertise and trusted manufacturing operations to support customers in the building and construction industry.  With so much shakeup among manufacturers of weatherstripping seal products, medium-to-small sized customers rely on SEM to fill the void.

We go beyond simply meeting standards; we meet or exceed the expectations of every customer. This includes our external customers and all stakeholders. Our customers count on us for high-quality, PP, TPE and Dual Extrusion gaskets delivered to their exact specifications. Our passion for meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs through process and service excellence is exemplified by every team member and measured through the results we achieve.

With PolyFab, companies that prioritize quality in their work have a choice in the marketplace. PolyFab has been especially popular among manufacturers of custom windows and doors. Their end-users expect the best, so those manufacturers depend on superior parts.

Customer requirements come first.

Quality begins and ends with the customer and we strive to always satisfy their needs.

In short, SEM PolyFab has a “Passion For Quality.”