PolyFab FAQ’s

Does PolyFab make custom gaskets?

Yes, we have extensive customization capabilities. We design and manufacture custom extruded components in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer die-cutting, custom profiles, or custom lengths to better support your designs and increase your application’s long-term performance. Submit your drawing with the desired geometry.

Does PolyFab have minimum order requirements?

To help meet product orders of all sizes, we have a very low minimum order requirement of only $500 per order. Contact us.

We understand that some projects and requirements only use a small volume of certain product types, so we’re happy to help customers get exactly what they need. 

Contact Us today to determine what’s best for you.

Does PolyFab provide free samples?

Yes. We know that matching up profiles can be tricky.  Our samples make it easier to know for sure if you’re ordering the right components. We offer free samples of existing parts. We can send up to 10 feet or five pieces. *  Request PolyFab Samples.

*Lot charge may apply after 10 feet for custom orders. In most cases, the sample is free but in some cases a lot charge may apply (if tooling is required). 

What are UL fire ratings on SEM products?

The UL 10C Small Scale Fire Endurance & Hose Stream Ratings for Poly are:

P3X: P4U, P4E, P4C, P5A, P3Y, and P4F profiles

P98: P90, P10, P4P, P41, P4T, P4S, PQ2, P4R, P53, P4Q, P3W, and PH3

UL File R40292 Vol. 1

The UL certifications, in addition to the RoHS and Reach compliance, will meet or exceed existing customers’ requirements.

What is SEM’s lead time?

After the order has been processed, customers can expect to receive delivery within 4-5 weeks depending on tooling required and quantities ordered. In most cases, customers can choose to expedite delivery for an additional fee. Contact your account manager for details. 

Does SEM offer inventory management for large customers?

Yes. Our inventory management process helps our customers forecast demand and order ahead to decrease lead times. We will customize a program to your specific needs, to maintain a steady flow of incoming parts to your company. Our primary system is Kanban, but we’re not limited to that option. We can work with you to create a custom program that fits your business.

True inventory management requires a partnership between customer and supplier. We work to create an ongoing partnership where we continually work with our customers to meet their needs, control costs, and improve quality.

Speak with your account manager for details.

What colors do you offer?

A variety of colors are available to meet your job requirements. Our standard colors are brown, beige, black, and white, and grey. 

Can you attach tape to the parts?

Yes, we can accommodate your taping needs for most profiles.