Schlegel EMI, renowned for its high-quality EMI shielding gaskets, is pleased to announce it has achieved Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification on several of its PolyFab compression seal and weatherstripping profiles. 

Schlegel PolyFab foam sealing gaskets are ideally suited for a broad number of applications. With the UL certification, even more customers can use these high-quality materials for their construction projects. The UL certification, in addition to the RoHS and Reach compliance, will meet or exceed existing customers’ requirements and help open new markets for these gaskets. 

UL’s safety certification includes testing, evaluation, and factory surveillance of products to meet or exceed national, regional, and international safety standards.

The PolyFab profiles that received the UL 10C Small Scale Fire Endurance & Hose Stream Rating are:

P3X: P4U, P4E, P4C, P5A, P3Y, and P4F profiles

P98: P90, P10, P4P, P41, P4T, P4S, PQ2, P4R, P53, P4Q, P3W, and PH3

UL File R40292 Vol. 1

“Meeting fire resistance safety requirements can be challenging, so seeing our design team, production team, and quality team work together to establish such good ratings on the first run of testing at UL was amazing,” said Sean Vilavong│ISO/QA Manager at Schlegel EMI.

We build our Passion For Quality into the entire PolyFab compression seal line. The UL certification gives code enforcement officials and buyers confidence that our products meet regulatory and market requirements. It is a key differentiator for products within the exterior wall assembly market. All testing to achieve the UL certification spans across a broad range of standards and evaluates product performance to all the critical attributes necessary to provide confidence in product performance.

Vilavong was proud of his team of quality technicians. “I was pleased with the outcome of the testing at UL, 13 of our 20 profiles established 90-minute certification the first time out–most companies fail and use it as a learning experience,” Vilavong said. He went on to say, “We engineer the PolyFab products for quality, and this UL certification is a testament to the team’s passion, skill, and expertise.”

The Schlegel team is excited about being awarded this certification. Our team has designed an exemplary line of foam seal products with quality unsurpassed in the industry. The technical sales team is ready to put this new certification to use for customers.

PolyFab product features:

    • Highly engineered embossed polyethylene liner
    • UV stabilization
    • Resilient urethane open-celled foam
    • Dual durometer inserts
    • A range of foam types and cladding colors
    • Halogen-free
    • Cut-to-Lengths
    • Custom profile availability
    • Polypropylene Thermoplastic Elastomer availability

Because PolyFab is part of the Schlegel operations, the product has industry-leading service and lead times.

We can make custom parts under tight timelines.

For detailed product description or to order directly, visit or contact the sales team at or (585) 643-2000 for additional questions or support.