ConductiveThermally and electrically conductive material is used where thermal and electrical conductivity is required. The material is also has the property of spreading heat along its surface as well as through the material, which helps to reduce hot spots on components.

Typical Applications Include:
• Graphite braided packing
• Spiral wound gaskets
• Metal reinforced graphite plate


OpTIM™ Thermally & Electrically Conductive



Thickness Range


In- PlaneThermal



Through- PlaneThermal




[under 700ppm]

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OP-400 Black 0.002"(0.05)~0.06"(1.50) >5 >400 Yes OP-400

All OpTIMTM Thermally and Electrically Conductive material is RoHS and REACH compliant and halogen free.
Thermally and Electrically Conductive material is composed of compressed graphite sheets.
Custom die cut parts are readily available.
Material has good high and low temperature and corrosion resistance for extreme applications.
The material has good lubrication properties where surface friction is an issue.
Graphite spreads heat in the x-y direction as well as z direction, helping to reduce hot spots.
Not used as a gap filler as the material is very thin (.020" max).