BeCu FingerstockSchlegel Electronics Materials (SEM), the pre-eminent manufacturer of fabric over foam EMI shielding products, offers a complete line of quality beryllium copper (BeCu) EMI gaskets. The addition of the BeCu gaskets to SEM's extensive portfolio allows SEM to be your exclusive EMI shielding supplier, to help you meet or exceed your global requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The mechanical spring characteristics of BeCu EMI gaskets offer superior shielding effectiveness. These gaskets offer consistent performance and yield superb electrical spring contact within this industry.

SEM provides all the popular standard styles and sizes of BeCu gaskets. The gaskets operate in spaces from 0.010 inches up to 0.500 inches. SEM also offers many styles of soft gaskets that provide the low compression force needed in many applications. Custom spring contacts and gaskets are also available.

 Series available from SEM include:

  • Slot Mount and Adhesive Mount Series Gaskets
  • Dome Top Series Gaskets
  • Folded Series Gaskets
  • Twist Series Gaskets
  • Clip-On Series Gaskets
  • Contact Series Gaskets

For more information on specific gaskets as well as ordering information, adhesive mounting of gaskets, galvanic potential differences, and elastic performance and EMI shielding effectiveness, download SEM's BeCu Fingerstock Catalog or contact your local SEM representative.

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