Fabric Over Silicone Foam

Fabric Over Silicone Foam Gaskets provide excellent EMI shielding performance which target for high temperature applications.

Fabric Over Foam Gaskets

Consist of resilient open-cell urethane foam which was sheathed in conductive fabrics.With protective top coating which strength the corrosion resistance and Non-abrasive to conductively plated and painted surfaces.

Conductive Foam

Ideal for applications that require conformability, excellent EMI shielding, and superior conductivity at low compressive forces.


Silicone, the base materials for elastomers which offer the environmental seal properties and the EMI shielding performance is achieved by using different metal substances.

Environmental / EMI Shielding

2-in -1 Product: Made of EPDM rubber core to provide durable environmental protection, half-wrap with highly conductive fabric provides EMI shielding reliability.

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