Characterization of EMI shielding gaskets

Schlegel Electronic Materials (SEM) is an active member of the IEEE P1302 Committee .This working group is in charge of the review of the methods to characterize Conductive gasket from DC to 40 GHz. Hereafter is a brief description of the main methods in use at SEM.Mil DTL 83528 C.This aperture attenuation method derived from the former Mil Std 285/IEEE 299 characterizes the shielding effectiveness (SE) of the gasket from 20 MHz to 10 GHz . The test set-up consist of a shielded room with an opening of 610/610 mm (24”/24”) with one emitting antenna outside and a receiving antenna inside the room and two meters distance between antennas...... Read More

Date:  05-01-2016Category:  Method